A few things about myself.

This is how I looked a few years ago

Even though I was born in Zaragoza (a rather large city in North-Eastern Spain), my family soon moved back to Logroño (a much smaller town in North-Central Spain), where my parents originally came from. After having been to school and college and grown a bit, I went back to Zaragoza in my university years. I did my first degree in Fundamental Physics at the Faculty of Science of the University of Zaragoza between 1988 and 1993.

Though at the time I thought I was interested in theoretical cosmology or some other sort of similarly obscure search-for-the-origin-of-everything field, years of contact with theoretical physicists managed to scare me. Not being very interested in living in an n-dimensional world (where n is rather large), I looked for some other thing of interest that I could do. That's how I became an astronomer.

Being an astronomer is not entirely bad business. You travel around the world, visit all kinds of exotic places and come to see many absolutely wonderful places and sights. The drawback is that most of the time you have to be sitting in front of a computer analysing the data you get from your observations.

Due to a completely unexpected chain of circumstances, I ended up doing my PhD in Southampton and came to enjoy the British way of life. I spent about three and a half years doing my PhD thesis and, when I finished, I got a postdoctoral position in Liverpool.

After five years enjoying the British way of life, I decided I had enough and applied for an ESA external fellowship. They sent me to Rome, which is an incredibly interesting city for the occasional visitor and a bit of a nightmare for people who live there. I spent a couple of years there and was glad when my fellowship came to an end.

As it had not been sufficiently difficult to change country and language twice, the next job I got was in Strasbourg. This is in France, but has a distinctly German flavour, so I expect that was the last step in my tour of all major European countries. The Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg is a very nice environment to work and I really profited professionally from my stay there, but when the chance to move back to Spain came, I thought it was about time.

That is how I came to Alicante. The summer here is a bit too hot for me, but having some of the best beaches in Europe ten minutes away from home helps.



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