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My main project centres on the description and characterization of the populations of massive X-ray binaries in different galaxies of the Local Group, but I am also involved in work on many other aspects of massive star formation and evolution. I approach these questions from a basically observational viewpoint. As a result, I spend a significant part of my life observing at different telescopes.

I have used the following telescopes (in no particular order):

After I have obtained the data, I then try to analyse it and understand what I am seeing. The results and conclusions of this analysis (which sometimes are even relatively interesting) end up being published as papers. I try to keep a relatively up-to-date version of my Curriculum Vitae, which should include the list of my publications.

I have spent many years trying to understand the behaviour of the X-ray pulsator X0115+634, a neutron star orbiting the amazing Be star V635 Cas, and so have a resource page for this object.

I have been attempting to prepare pages (at both general public and professional astronomer level) on a number of topics, but never seem to find the time. Some information on my current work on Be/X-ray binaries is available from my research page.

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Other people working in related fields:


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