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1. NAME, PERSONAL DATA, EDUCATION, PRESENT (VALENCIA) POSITION: Jos´e Adolfo de AZCARRAGA FELIU, born 12-X-941 in Valencia (Spain), Spanish citizen ´ Licenciado (Physics): Univ. Complutense (Madrid), 1963; Ph.D.: Univ. of Barcelona, 1968 Full Professor (Catedr´atico) of Theoretical Physics, Valencia University, and member of IFIC, Valencia Univ.–Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cient´ıficas (CSIC), since 1978. From Sept. 1st, 2012, Emeritus Professor, Valencia University 2. OFFICE ADDRESS: Dept. Theoretical Physics, Facultad de F´ısica, 46100-Burjasot (Valencia), Spain and IFIC, Centro Mixto CSIC-Univ. of Valencia (UVEG) Tels.: +34-96 354 4554 (office); +34-96 354 4349 (Secret.); e-mails and web page: j.a.de.azcarraga@ific.uv.es , j.a.de.azcarraga@uv.es ; http://www.uv.es/∼azcarrag 3. PREVIOUS SPANISH POSITIONS: Assistant lecturer / Prof. Agregado interino (non-permanent positions): Univ. de Barcelona (1964-73) Prof. Agregado de F´ısica Matem´atica (staff): Univ. de Salamanca (1974-78) 4. GRANTS, PRIZES, LANGUAGES: Initiation to research (Ph.D. grant), 1964-66; Honorary CSIC grant (1967-69); 1967 Juan March Foundation prize; 2003 Research Prize granted by the Polish Minister Edukacji Narodowej i Sportu; 2004 Physics Prize awarded by the Valencian Academy of Sciences, Technology and Humanities; 2005 Special Prize World Year of Physics awarded by the RSEF, the RSME and the FECYT [Fundaci´on Espa˜nola para la Ciencia y la Tecnolog´ıa] for the book En torno a Einstein, su ciencia y su tiempo (PUV, 328 p., 2006, 2007). Languages: English, French, Italian, Valencian and Spanish (mother tongue) 5. RESEARCH: Research interests: Superstring theory, group and geometrical structures in physics. Author (with J.M. Izquierdo) of the book Lie groups, Lie algebras, cohomology and some applications in physics, Cambridge Monographs in Mathem. Physics (Camb. Univ. Press, 1995, 1998), xvii+455 p. Editor of the Proceedings of several conferences. About 180 research papers (most can be found in the arXives, see http://www.uv.es/∼azcarrag). Refereeing: Has acted as referee for Phys. Rev., Nucl. Phys. B, Phys. Lett., J. Phys. A, J. Math. Phys., Am. J. Phys, Ann. Phys. (NY), JHEP, Camb. Univ. Press, etc, and for national and international R+D agencies. 6. MAIN RESEARCH VISITS: Postdoctoral stay, DAMTP, Cambridge, UK, 1969-71 (24 months); Visiting Scholar, II Inst. Theor. Phys. Univ. and DESY Hamburg, Germany, June-Aug 1972 Visiting Scholar on sabbatical leave Dept. Theor. Phys., Oxford Univ. and British Council Fellow (acad. year 1975/76) UK Visiting Scholar, Univ. of Cal. Santa Barbara July and Aug. 1980 Visiting Scholar, DAMTP, and Robinson Coll. bye-fellow, Cambridge, UK (Sabbatical leave: Aug. 1988/ Oct. 89) St. John’s College (Cambridge) Overseas Visiting Scholar and Visiting Scholar, DAMTP, Univ. Cambrige (96-97) Many other stays in other research institutions (ICTP-Trieste, Bordeaux Univ., Li`ege Univ., Lancaster Univ., Durham Univ., Univ. of Wroclaw (Poland), Firenze Univ., Helsinki Univ., Imperial Coll.-London, Padova Univ. etc) 7. ACADEMIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Head, Dept. Theor. Physics, Salamanca Univ. (1974-78); Secretary, Faculty of Sciences, Salamanca Univ. (1977-78) Head, Dept. Theor. Phys., Valencia Univ. (1978-81) Member of the Valencia Univ. Board for Postgraduate (‘tercer ciclo’) Studies, Nov. 1989 - June 96 Organizer of the Erasmus PIC 1125, Imperial College-Paris XI-Valencia Univ. and coordinator 1992-96, 1998-2006 1 Elected member of the Val. Univ. Faculty of Physics Board (‘Junta de Facultad’) until June 96, and 2004-Dec.08 Elected member of five past (5×4 years) periods and of the (2010-13) Valencia University Senate (Claustro) Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of AVAP, Generalitat Valenciana (local Valencian Government) Member of the Programa Academia of the Agencia Nacional de Evaluaci´on de la Calidad y Acreditaci´on. Member of the national Experts Commission for the Reform of the Spanish University System, 6-V-2012–12-II-2013. 8. CONFERENCES ORGANIZED: International GIFT Summer Schools (Salamanca 1977; San Feliu de Guixols, 1984) and editor of their Proceedings; XIXth International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Phys. (Salamanca, 1992); NATO-GIFT Int. Summer School (co-organizer; Salamanca 1992). Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of many international conferences. 9. SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES MEMBERSHIP: Eur. Physical Soc. and member of the EPS Council, Amer. Phys. Soc. (APS; Part. and Fields and Hist. of Phys. Divisons), Int. Association for Mathematics and Physics (IAMP, M ∩ φ). Corresponding member of the Real Acad. de Ciencias Exactas, F´ısicas, Qu´ımicas y Naturales de Zaragoza, Member of COSCE (Confederation of Spanish Scientific Socities) Member of the Spanish Int. Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Committee. Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the European Physics Journals (EPS). Council Member (2007-11), Vice-President (2011-13) and President (2013-) of the Real Soc. Espa˜nola de F´ısica (RSEF). 10. OFFICIAL EVALUATIONS (TEACHING AND RESEARCH) : All possible Spanish university teaching (six periods of five years) and research (six periods of six years) evaluations approved long ago (1999), all of them as ‘Catedr´atico’. I have lectured extensively in languages other than my own. 11. Ph. D.’s Advisor of the Ph. D. thesis of V. Aldaya Valverde (Salamanca, 1978) (Apto cum laude and Premio extraordinario) P. Vindel Ca˜nas (Valencia, 1987) (Apta cum laude) J.M. Izquierdo Rodr´ıguez (Valencia, 1991, (Apto cum laude and Premio Extraordinario) F. Rodenas Escriba (Valencia, Dec. 1995) (Apto cum laude and Premio Extraordinario) J.C. P´erez Bueno (Valencia, Sept. 1998) (Sobresaliente cum laude and Premio extraordinario); M. Pic´on Ponce (Valencia, June 2006) (Sobresaliente cum laude); O. Varela Rizo (Valencia, July 2006) (Sobresaliente cum laude and Premio extraordinario); C. Miquel-Espanya (Valencia, June 2008) (Sobresaliente cum laude); E. Fern´andez Borja (Valencia, Oct. 1st, 2009) (Sobresaliente cum laude) 12. RESEARCH GRANTS: Head Researcher (‘Investigador principal’, IP), without interruption, of projects with the generic common name ‘Geometry, groups, field theory and supersymmetry’ from 1978 (the last being # FIS2008-01980 until 2013); IP of the Valencia node of the international EU-INTAS project # 2005/06-7928, now ended. Member of the RTN European network Constituents, Fdtal. Forces and Symm. of the Universe, MRTN-CT-2004-005104, now ended. Member of the CONSOLIDER CPAN project CSD2007-00042 (until 31st Dec. 2016) The research group has been funded by the CAICYT, CICYT, AEN (Spanish High En. Physics Agency), by Spanish Ministries of Eduacation/Science (since 1978 until 31-dec-12 without interruption), by the Generalitat Valenciana, the EU (grants refs. above) and by other local and international agencies. 13. POPULAR SCIENCE, ART AND SOCIETY: I have given countless talks and written three books and numerous articles on science, educational policy, art and other subjects for the general public. A sample can be found in http://www.uv.es/∼azcarrag . Co-organizer of the Sala Adolfo de Azc´arraga of Art (paintings and sculpture) in the Museo de la Ciudad, Valencia.

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