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Ignacio Negueruela

Departamento de Física Aplicada

Facultad de Ciencias

Universidad de Alicante 

Carretera de San Vicente s/n

E03690 San Vicente del Raspeig

Alicante, Spain 

email: ignacio.negueruela_@_ua.es

Short CV

We are funny creatures. We don't see stars as they are, so why do we love them? They are not small gold objects but endless fire.

Saul Bellow, Henderson the Rain King.
Giving the talk The starbursts in the Milky Way, at the conference Massive Young Star Clusters Near and Far (Puebla, Mexico; December 2013), courtesy of the organisers.
New type of black-hole binary
Press release

ESO Press release
magnetar drawing
New constraints on the formation of black holes

New open cluster hidden in full sight
Valpo IAC

Eso page
Stars like comets

Other press releases

Westerlund 1

Supergiant Fast
X-ray Transients

MY Cam, a merger progenitor

MY Cam

Hello. My name is
Ignacio. I am a professor of Astronomy at the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Alicante.


My research is connected with different aspects of massive star formation and evolution, with special focus on the properties of high-mass binary systems - in particular, massive X-ray binaries - and very young open clusters. In the past few years, we have been mostly interested in the characterisation of very massive clusters in the Milky Way, and the use of high-mass stars as tracers of the spiral structure of our Galaxy. I have directed several projects and supervised a number of theses within the  Stellar Evolution Group here in Alicante. I also work together with a large number of professional astronomers from all over the world, collaborating in many different research projects.

In Spain, we work together with Artemio Herrero, Sergio-Simón Díaz (IAC) and their team within our current research project. We also collaborate with
Paco Najarro (CAB), Jesús Maíz-aApellániz (now also at the CAB) and Marc Ribó (University of Barcelona). In the UK, I did a lot of work with Simon Clark, at the Open University, who sadly passed away recently. I also collaborate with our former team member Carlos González-Fernández (Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge),  Prof. Andrew Norton, at the Open University too, and my former supervisor Malcolm Coe and his team at Southampton. In the field of X-ray binaries, I have done a lot of work with David M. Smith, at the University of California Santa Cruz and Pablo Reig, at FORTH Crete. Other people I have worked - or still actively work - with are Christian Motch (Observatoire de Strasbourg), Sylvain Chaty, GianLuca Israel, Atsuo Okazaki, Raimundo Lopes de Oliveira, ...

I use the WWW mostly as a work accessory and therefore my pages are likely to be rather technical. The different images in this page contain links to several press releases and web pages describing some aspects of my research. Many years ago, I also wrote the X-ray binary page, which gives an overview for the general public of this field. Pages for the general public in Spanish can be accessed from my semi-official university pageMore technical details about my main research lines can also be found in my work links page.

Other important results


The open cluster
Alicante 1


Magnetar formation



personal information can be accessed from my old unofficial CV page (which is now so ancient that may be considered an archaeological piece). The rest of my pages are work-related, giving details of my research,

The relentless passing of time

These are portraits that I have had in my webpage before

London, 2006


Delphi, 2003


Pembrokeshire, 1995



In the first-growth redwood forests of Northern California you may find the perfect environment to re-assess your actual place in the world. Theoreticians beware!

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